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Diamond love love, now new people will buy a diamond ring, you know the bare diamond maintenance skills Mody,gold bracelet  how to maintain bare drill  gold bracelet? Here a few days to get married to introduce you several diamond maintenance skills, so you better save your wedding ring

Bare drill

Naked drill maintenance skills

Cold water soak: 1 to 4 ratio of the detergent into the cold water, the diamond ring into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush and rinse it once with a solution yellow pandora bracelet, then wipe it dry with a paper towel. You can also use a small bowl or cup, the right amount of water and home Ammonia water mixture, diamonds immersed in water for about 30 minutes, and then with a small brush, in the diamond around the gently scrub, and then waving in the water Will be taken out with a paper towel can be dry.

Naked drill maintenance skills 2

Aksu wedding photographer Which is recommended to do housework and remove the diamond ornaments off, because the oil, bleaching powder and a variety of cleaning chemicals will affect the diamond luster, and even diamond spots. Affect the beauty of diamonds pandora rose gold charms.

Naked drill maintenance skills 3

When handling heavy work, be sure to take off the diamond, although the real diamond hard, wear, but if you encounter a blow, it may be damaged along the direction of the texture.

Naked drill maintenance skills 4

Collection, custody should be placed separately diamond ornaments, to avoid mixing with other jewelry, or hard diamond will be scratched, in particular, should be separated from gold jewelry, gold is soft, as with the diamond or put together or wear together, It is easy to damage, and gold is also easy to make white gold, affecting color.

Naked drill maintenance tips 5 disney pandora charms at disneyland

(1) Aksu wedding photographer who said that diamonds have affinity for oil, easy to stain the skin grease, cosmetics and kitchen oil and lose luster, it should be cleaned regularly, usually once a month cleaning, available jewelry cleaning solution, can also send To the jewelry shop cleaning.

(2) Regularly diamonds are diverted to jeweler shop every year to see if the diamonds are loose and worn to prevent damage or loss of diamonds.

(3) quick cleaning method to buy a bottle of brand-name jewelry cleaning fluid, together with the attached container, follow the instructions to wash the diamond
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Although the diamond forever, diamonds are very strong, but Xiaobian suggested that we learn more naked drill maintenance skills, maintenance of your love keepsake.

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