Pandora rose fine jewelry series “Reflections Of Siem”

Pandora rose fine jewelry series “Reflections Of Siem”mickey and minnie mouse pandora charms 

Chow Tai Fook as the upcoming high-level jewelry series of preheating, “Reflections Of Siem” is Mr. Zheng Zhigang led the team to explore the creative inspiration of the world’s new crystal works. He led us from Cambodia’s unique primitive beauty, the feelings of the simple national rate, will inherit from the ancient show grace temperament, turned into a top dazzling diamond ornaments, people feel the ancient religion and quality gold bracelet

As the third generation of Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Group “head” – Mr. Zheng Zhigang itself is also a high degree of artistic accomplishment of artists and collectors, from 2011 onwards, Mr. Zheng Zhigang led the group’s top design strength in the “world Fashion city “- Paris held art exhibition and cultural exchange activities, the event can be described as not lost in the Paris Fashion Week to bring people extraordinary visual feast, and during the exhibition activities launched a series of superb  disney pandora necklace creative ideas of high-level jewelry Works, become the finale of the activities show links.
This year’s festival activities have not yet opened but has been slightly revealed Mr. Zheng Zhigang continue to explore and innovate the artistic dream. As an upcoming series of advanced jewelry series of preheating, “Reflections Of Siem” is Mr. Zheng Zhigang led the team to explore the creative inspiration of the world’s new crystal works. He led us from Cambodia’s unique primitive beauty, disney princess pandora charms feeling the simplicity of the nation’s sexuality, will inherit the ancient beauty of the show, turned into the top glorious diamond ornaments, people feel the ancient religion and the simple regional culture brought spiritual touch. Mr. Zheng Zhigang in the aesthetic design and deep cultural heritage to find the most touched by the respect of the light.
“From ancient times to the present, good design reflects the aesthetic and spirituality of human culture.The series design brings us back to a thousand years ago full of mythological pandora charms frozen land – Cambodia, through the rediscovery of human heritage, to find our roots, Of the beautiful. “- Mr. Zheng Zhigang
Continue to explore, so bright sublimation gradually
For more than 35 years of experience in the craftsmen, the production of this series of jewelry is a difficult and interesting work. Artisans must carefully understand the concept of each jewelry design and behind the concept of hidden, and then the extraordinary process will be designed into precious jewelry. One set of Cambodia’s floating village cinderella pandora bracelet  as a design concept of the product as an example, hoping to praise the local people peace and simple life. In order to show the hood floating in the water on the screen, craftsmen clever use of diamond inclusions to create a dynamic, so that the diamond in the wearer who swaying brilliance. However, in the thin crystal chip drilling and then embedded in diamonds, the difficulty is very high, it is easy to make the crystal sheet rupture or damage, so the craftsmen must use the extraordinary skill of the mosaic skills in order to produce immaculate diamonds jewelry pandora charms winnie the pooh.
Shaoguang flies, monuments ignited spark
Towering trees and temples monuments, staggered packing chaos temple towers, a hundred years old trees vibrant, silently witness the rise and fall of the Khmer empire. Series to Cambodia Angkor monuments of the Tuplun Temple for the design inspiration, to show the original fragrance of the bonsai majestic, praised the vitality of the great, inherited the ancient culture of the deep. 27.65 card oval gorgeous tourmaline main stone symbol of the rich and magnificent Khmer culture heritage, with 18K gold Seiko mosaic, ruby, yellow diamond ring ring the main stone, disneyland exclusive pandora charms  like the rising sun, golden light. The main stone next to the initiation of diamonds inlaid with branches, reproduction of small arc tourmaline and dry town drill pieces, like the banyan tree fruit, lifelike. 18K gold chain tassels, like banyan tree vigor, with the wearer’s movements swaying, necklace with four different designs of 18K gold chain, tangled staggered, rich visual texture apart, but also on behalf of Cambodia four national emblem.

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