what jewelry stores sell pandora

Claw inlay Mom Charms & Family Charms:
Claw set is divided into three claw mosaic, four claw mosaic and six claw mosaic, this mosaic approach is all the mosaic approach in the most common one. new disney pandora charms 2017The reason why it is called pawl, because it is holding a long jaws gem. This mosaic makes the beauty of diamonds, easy to observe the diamond cut, color, clarity, the way by the New York famous jeweler Tiffany invented pandora rings and bracelets.
Advantages: This mosaic grip is relatively strong, of course, in addition to 2 claw inlay (the famous easy to get drilled), especially the four claws, solid and less covered. The biggest advantage is that metal rarely block diamonds, clearly showing the beauty of diamonds, minnie mouse pandora and favorable light to different angles and reflection, so that the diamond looks bigger and more bright.
Weakness: If you must say that the shortcomings of this mosaic method diamond more than the ring more likely, some MM do not like to spend more metal. Some heart-shaped claws will hook clothes, or a row.

Package Two-tone Charms :
This inlaid technology diamond is completely surrounded by the shape of the precious metal edge of the frame.
Advantages: the same as the photo frame, the diamond under the waist are wrapped in the metal care, this mosaic is also classic, but spend less metal, but the diamond size requirements (small and then a package can not see ), In fact, this method should also be very strong, and not hook hair sweater. The same time as   charms for pandora bracelet  
Short: and claw mosaic compared to the diamond is not so eye-catching.
Groove  :
This is a mosaic of a number of rules and sizes of diamonds inlaid approach, the basic method is to first make a metal ring trench to a groove, and then to the middle diamond. This method can also be used to round, narrow rectangular and square gems. The same time as pandora bracelets with charms already on Advantages: This mosaic method can make the surface of the trim looks smooth, and relatively safe and secure.
Weakness: and the same article, this mosaic method is not drilled.
Small diamond mosaic technology, diamond mosaic between each other very close, so not significant metal. The pavé the surface looks all paved by the diamond. The same time as pandora earrings sale 
Strengths: fine chic
Short: not suitable for single diamond mosaic. If a large area of ​​use, is not suitable for changing the ring hand, or easy to fall drill.
Single grain inlay:
A single gemstone mosaic pandora jewelry offers .
Advantages: diamonds will not be blocked by metal. The same time as
Advantages: Some MM may feel that this mosaic way is too monotonous, and this approach to the higher requirements of diamonds.

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