Millennium Star is pandora bracelet charms

Millennium Star is De Beers company has a famous diamond, weighing 203.04 karats, the color for the top D color, new disney pandora charms 2017 both inside and outside are pure and flawless. The diamond was found in the early 20th century in the early 1990s in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) Mbuji Mayi sand mine, the original stone weight 777 karats, after De Beers bought, Steinmetz Corporation (Steinmetz Group ) Lasted three years of design and processing, and finally the use of laser technology cut into 54 facets of the drop-shaped cut cinderella pandora bracelet.
In October 1999, as the core treasures of the De Beers Millions Diamond Series, the Millennium Star was first presented to the world in the Millennium Dome in London to meet the new millennium. This giant diamond because of its extraordinary weight and perfect purity, there is no valuation pictures of pandora bracelets.

Eternal Heart is a 27.64 karats of diamonds, the color is rare and colorful blue, cut by Steinmetz, De Beers bought.
De Beers collected 11 blue diamonds, composed of the famous Midnight Collection (Midnight Collection), a total of 118 karats, the eternal heart is the largest one. Including it, the 11 diamonds all produced in South Africa Plemir mine. But the total output of blue diamonds is still less than 0.1% of the total output of the Plemir mine in South Africa pandora jewelry catalog.
The diamond is also on display at the Millennium Dome in London as part of the De Beers Millennial and Midnight series, along with the Millennium Star. Is privately owned and currently valued at $ 16 million.
Lila Vanderbilt Slohn and the wavy modern crown
Wave-shaped modern crown in 1902 design and manufacture, triple wave-shaped design, the exquisite hair and crown combined to enhance the sense of fashion. Using old cut and rose cut diamonds,gold and silver pandora bracelet  seed mosaic (Millegrain Settting) in platinum. Lila Vanderbilt Sloane, the descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the famous British railroad, acquired the modern headdress.
Marie Scott Sanchelet and Lily Triangle Corset Brooch and Diamond Necklace
Lily Triangle Corset Brooch and Diamond Necklace Made in 1906. Lily Triangle Corset Brooch with old cut and rose cut diamonds, seeded in platinum, the two wings of the length of 27cm pandora bracelets on sale . Diamond necklace with round old cut diamonds, seed-mounted in platinum, 33cm long, high 5.4cm. Mary Scott Townsend is a prominent member of Washington’s upper-class society at the beginning of the twentieth century, and her nephew’s daughter, Thora Ronalds McElroy, (Scott-Strong) coal and railway heirs, inherited the two jewelry.
Diamond bright light set off the beauty of the face of women, and its hard, unique qualities, it is the modern strong pandora charms new collection , independent personality of the perfect interpretation. As Marlene Monroe sang in the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, “these stones are immortal. Diamonds are the best friends of women.” (“These rocks don ‘ T lost their shape. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. “)

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