【Zaosiao】 series new disney pandora charms 2017

Abstract: The annual Shanghai International Jewelery Show is on schedule, and this jewelery fashion feast is held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. A jewelry industry ,pandora gold and silver bracelet “Oscar” feast officially kicked off! It is worth mentioning that the old Chinese brand old temple gold with a new image debut, become the focus of attention in the show.
The first day of the summer, the sunny day, the annual Shanghai International Jewelery Exhibition scheduled to come, this from May 10 to 1710 jewelry fashion feast in the much anticipated in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall was held.

Outside the inside of the unique shape, from the essence of the traditional Chinese culture of a high degree of concise, both implied inside the outside of the way of life, but also reflects the philosophy of philosophy pandora silver.
Booth as a whole to the rich gold-based, the overall style according to the new Logo (brand logo) design concept extended to give a bright new experience!

In addition to the eye of the booth, the old temple gold have launched a heavy new products are also everywhere embodies the new Chinese culture at the end of rhyme, a comprehensive interpretation of the traditional culture at the same time, will also be exquisite pandora jewelry on sale fashion style interpretation of the most incisive, the scene attracts many guests and Media onlookers.

【Zaosiao】 series
The new zodiac series to inherit the tradition and innovation of the unique creative concept, inspired by the modern oriental architecture, learn from the Yuanmingyuan twelve beast first form, the people since ancient times accustomed to the image of the zodiac to deconstruction, in a linear way to create a sense of space ,sale pandora rings  Geometric structure implied Zhizhuo, simple power of the United States, embodies the harmony between man and nature, harmony between man and nature vision.
Remember how long the Red Dot Design Award was won? By the “product design community Oscar” affirmed, we can see the old temple of gold in the new Chinese cultural concept has been recognized by the world, into the world!

Zenue series
Zen Yue series to the original nano-micro-carving technology, the creative will be more than 260 words “Heart Sutra” and the South China Sea Guanyin sitting like pandora in store sale  a micro-carving in the diameter of only 5mm material, without any means of amplification, the naked eye can clearly see all the micro-carving content. Can be described as modern high-end technology and traditional Zen depth of fit, one for the Zen, to remove the hearts of distractions, bless peace.

【Dasheng】 return to the series
There is a hero called Qi Tian Da Sheng, there is a feeling called Monkey King Sun Wukong. “Holy return to the series” products based on popular domestic animation film “holy return” design, meaning the guardian of love, life unchanged. Believe that we have spent a good childhood Sun Dasheng will attract you to relive bracelet with charms pandora  a warm and loving childhood memories.
In the traditional Chinese culture, people will always choose to wear some auspicious jewelry in the body, in order to achieve the “evil evil”, convergence “fortune” purpose.

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