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Beijing Run pearl: pearl beauty Yang Han Fang was classified as provincial intangible cultural heritage  pandora jewelry sale 

Abstract: In March 2017, Jingrun Pearl inherited and studied the “Pearl Beauty Yang Yan Fang” was listed as provincial intangible cultural heritage. This is the Beijing-run pearl dozens of concentrated study, protection and heritage of the beauty of this country is certainly the national standard, high-level cultural endorsement, effectively enhance the Beijing Run Group employees of the intangible cultural heritage of the sense of responsibility,pandora earrings on sale  so that They put forward a higher quality requirements on the practice, in the future to create more and more belong to the Beijing Run brand characteristics of pearls.
The beauty of pearls
Pearls, history in China for thousands of years, China’s pearl history began in Dayu era, is the world’s first use of pearl one of the countries.
Pearls from ancient times has been quite “beauty holy goods,” the title of the ancient lady there, commonly used pearl powder Fumian whitening habits.
Which had to mention is the Empress Dowager Cixi pandora bracelet charms .
The history of the Empress Dowager Cixi is extremely obsessed with pearls, not only the top of the top of the pearls, hanging on the neck with pearls, who wear pearls, feet poked with pearls, wrist hanging pearls, hands holding pearls The From head to toe, are shining the light of pearls. Moreover, in the palace, pearls are everywhere.
Empress Dowager Cixi, also specifically hired a polished pearl powder Commissioner, long-term adherence to the use of natural sea water pearl coating, and studied a set of pearl powder method, regular oral pearl powder. Empress on such oral and external pearl powder, charms for a pandora bracelet has been insisted to die.
According to the Qing Dynasty princess in the “Royal fragrance recorded” contained, Empress Dowager Cixi after entering the old age, the skin is still like a girl like white and smooth.
Ming Li Shizhen in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the detailed description of the pharmacological effects of pearls, pearl flavor salty, Gan Han non-toxic, Zhenxin point head. Painted surface, it is moist and good color. Tu hands and feet, to the skin against the group, falling sputum, in addition to face spots pandora rose gold charms.
The pearl grind into powder, painted surface can be white skin, treatment of facial dark spots, warm water to take, you can eyes and ears, help organs, peace of mind, strong bones. The use of pearl powder, have to say that China is unique pearl culture.

Pearl powder can effectively improve the skin immunity, which contains 18 kinds of amino acids and more than 20 kinds of trace elements, such as resistance to the external environment of the attack of taurine, deep skin glycogen supplementation, accelerate the formation of collagen methionine … Has always been the basis for the survival and vitality of the skin.
Topical can whitening, pandora limited edition charms 2017 control oil acne, remove black head, repa ir injured skin, but also can promote the body’s collagen cell growth, pearl powder anti-inflammatory effect, can prevent further deterioration of the wound.
Oral pearl powder also has a lot of good health effects. “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” 2015 edition of pearl powder can be sedative, eyesight shade, detoxification myogenic, moisturizing freckle, can also be used for palpitation insomnia, convulsions epilepsy, red eyes, sore, and so on.
Yang Yan Guozhi
2016 Beijing Run pearl micron pearl powder won the 2016 ELLE China annual beauty star “national essence beauty award” leather pandora bracelet with charms.
“ELLE Beauty Star Beauty Star” is “ELLE World Fashion Court” launched in 2009, which lasted seven years, it is not only the beauty of China’s beauty standard, has become one of the global ELLE event!
2016 US makeup star list 50 + experts, 200,000 + users to participate in the selection, the list is highly authoritative.

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