Pandora platinum couple on the ring price


Platinum is now one of the most popular jewelry jewelry material, its rare characteristics and never change the gold pandora charms sale quality of the pursuit of young people, many will enter the wedding of new people will choose platinum couple to witness the happiness of this moment , But the platinum couple on the price of the price is higher than the other on the ring, what is the reason for its price so high? Platinum couple on the price of what factors affect it pandora gold and silver bracelet ?

First, we know that the price of platinum jewelry is not a deposit to offer, but in accordance with the style to mark the price, gold is only an important basis for quotation and reference. This is very different with the 24K gold jewelry sales offer pandora rings and bracelets. Therefore, the purchase of platinum on the ring with the platinum price relationship is not directly correspond.
Second, the price of platinum by the international price of gold, platinum is a scarce resource, so the international platinum have a unified offer, coupled with the extraction and extraction of platinum is not easy, from 100 tons of minerals in five Month to extract an ounce of platinum, which is 31.1 new disney pandora charms 2017 grams of platinum, so do not do the price of platinum will not be low. The specific price is also under the international market price of gold market fluctuations.
Third, the level of platinum purity is also an important factor affecting its price, through the state only platinum content of 85% and above jewelry can be called platinum jewelry, and must have a Pt mark, so platinum purity has become an impact Platinum on the price of a major factor in the price. pandora gold and silver bracelet Platinum jewelry usually with Pt850, Pt900, Pt950, Pt990 or Pt999 (thousands of platinum) purity mark, with low price of platinum corresponding low, such as pt900 platinum content than pt950 low, so the price will be cheaper The
Fourth, the impact of investment value, due to the high value of platinum investment, platinum to follow the market volatility is obvious, when the influx of investors, the price soared, otherwise there is a drop, but the overall increase significantly, even more than gold.
Fifth, different brands affect the platinum couple on the price, platinum couple on the price of the product is also affected by the brand  pandora gold necklace . Well-known brands into the financial and material resources to do the brand promotion, the brand value is also much higher, so the big brands, well-known brands of platinum couples to quit the price higher.
Sixth, the impact of the purchase channel, platinum couple on the ring of the purchase channels will also affect their price, with the quality of the ring in the large shopping malls to buy and buy online prices will be very different, Dai Kela is the most With a personalized diamond online shopping platform, so you spend less money to buy a better ring pandora necklace with charms.
The above is the six factors that affect the platinum couple on the ring, hoping to help you want to buy a couple of pairs of small partners to buy a satisfactory ring, which has a happy life.

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