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Abstract: Emerald necklace is an embodiment of jade craft and followed,  pandora disney charms and its style to do more, according to different functions and accessories for selection, jade necklace style can also be designed by the guests, according to their own free imagination to the creative necklace With the method, cheap pandora Alphat Charms & Number Charms wearing their own design out of the jade necklace in front of others will be more sense of accomplishment! Jade necklace wear, and also with men and women, clothing, shoes and hats have a great relationship, the following Xiaobian for everyone to share the jade necklace style and wear skills.

[Jade Necklace] Jade Necklace style which Jade Necklace wear skills to share
Jade necklace style which pandora charms retailers
Jade necklace wear, characterized by the whole chain by a pattern of repeated connections made of patterns. According to the process of floral and connection method, the Jade Necklace style can be divided into: whip chain, side silk chain, chain chain, bamboo chain, fancy chain and chain and so on.
Whip chain: is a relatively simple process necklace, its advantages are rough and generous, three-dimensional sense of strong pandora bracelet offers .
Side silk chain: mostly for machine processing, is characterized by small and exquisite, meticulous and beautiful.
Chain chain: the ring on the solder joints can not be too small, so the changes in the types of flowers can not be too much, the style of change has also been arranged by the combination of floral arrangements.
Bamboo chain: section and the section between the shaft to connect, showing a three-dimensional “bamboo” feeling bracelets similar to pandora .
Fancy chain: from two or more different styles of chain or flower pieces stitching necklace, are generally inlaid with precious stones.
Casing: processing technology is more complex, can be divided into two sets of chain and three sets of chain pandora stones.
Jade necklace wearing skills
Jade jewelry in our country for women to wear, if with clothing and temperament with properly, jade jewelry will make women look more noble and beautiful. Then we are talking about jade wearing jade necklace skills.
Jade necklace is a lot of skill to wear,pandora spacers  first of all the thickness of the jade necklace should be proportional to the thickness of the wearer’s neck. And usually the length of the jade necklace is about 40cm or so, if with such a necklace will wear low collar clothes. In the long section of the length of jade necklace is about 50cm or so, so the length of the necklace on the clothes basically nothing to pay attention pandora outlet . Long section of the jade necklace is usually around 60cm, this jade necklace mostly sweater chain, or only in social occasions to wear the jade necklace.
Jade Necklace or Jade Pendant in the match when there is a sense of coordination, if the formal social occasions can not pandora france choose those too bizarre graphics, it is best not to choose more than two necklace pendant, this jade necklace will be difficult to match clothes The Emerald jade necklace with suits is a better choice, if you can with a temperament type of bag, it can show the elegance of the wearer charms that fit pandora bracelet .
Men wear jade necklace is best not to wear outside the clothes, do not wear chains too thin jade necklace, this will appear more old-fashioned. Neck long female suitable for wearing a short section of the jade necklace, the best choice on the V-neck shirt collar. cheap bracelet charms  In the long section of the jade necklace is more suitable with a large collar clothes, and long section of the jade necklace, is suitable as a sweater chain or with a simple dress and so on.
Pearl necklace maintenance
1. Avoid collision with similar hard objects.
2. Pearl contaminated, you can use baking soda or cold cream or toothpaste gently rub, and then clean water net gold pandora charms cheap .
3. Avoid contact with perfume, grease, alcohol and acid, salt, nitrate, vinegar and other chemical substances.
4. Pearl by sweat acidic corrosion and the sun will be yellowing, can be placed in 10% dilute hydrochloric acid solution soak, with the foam, the surface is dissolved in yellow, re-show gloss, but avoid soak for too long, and with water drift clear pandora charms sale 2017.

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