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925 silver 2018
Generally refers to silver content of 92.5% silver jewelry, is also internationally recognized sterling silver standard. Because the purity of the silver is too soft and easy to be oxidized, pandora shop online 925 silver added 7.5% of the other metal, it has the ideal hardness. In order to prevent oxidation, will be plated in the 925 silver layer of platinum, and no platinum-plated 925 silver, is known as Su Yin, Su silver easily black, but also easy to clean, which is the most common silver jewelry market The

990 silver
990 silver jewelry is silver content of not less than 99% of silver jewelry, usually referred to as “full silver” pandora jewellery store , because the silver metal texture is soft, 990 silver high purity, texture is also very soft, and therefore can not be too complicated Of the processing, can only do some style modeling relatively simple silver, such as silver bracelets and so on. 990 silver high purity, can be secondary processing, can also be recycled, but also has a certain collection value pandora charm bracelet best prices .
999 silver
999 silver can be said that the highest purity of the silver, also known as “thousands of silver.” 999 silver color is pale, texture is also soft, used to make fine jewelry easy to deformation, not suitable for making imitation platinum or K gold inlaid jewelry, silver pandora charm bracelet so can only make a simple structure bracelet, anklet, or do Into silver, silver ingot for collection. The more pure silver is more sensitive to changes in skin sweat, especially for children and women’s health concerns.
In the silver with, in addition to pay attention to the coordination with the clothing with, but also with their own style and the environment in which to maintain consistency, engagement ring pandora charm with appropriate accessories, but also to enhance the overall image of temperament. Silver jewelry style style variety, in the match also has more flexibility and flexibility, the following to detail how different styles of silver jewelry and dress.
1, the workplace is a relatively serious occasion, wearing jewelry should not be too much, necklaces, earrings, rings is a good choice, bracelet bracelet and other silver jewelry is best replaced by a better watch, one in order to avoid the work of the collision issued Noise, where to buy pandora bracelets and charms two watches can highlight your time concept.
2, the workplace women choose with a concise style, modeling slim sterling silver necklace, silver earrings, good and let the whole look more serious, simple section of the ring is better, in formal occasions can be in the dress outside a brooch, both the whole Modeling finishing touch, and elegant.
1, pandora chain bracelet sweet lady wind in the choice of silver, the focus on jewelry exquisite, and not exaggerated jewelry, such as with a diamond ring, the other jewelry is relatively simple choice, so that the focus is gathered in the fingers, Out of the elegance of women, and there will not be too publicity.
2, sweet style girls are more suitable for wearing a cartoon logo silver jewelry, can bring out the girl sweet and pleasant temperament,charm bracelets like pandora  the corresponding clothing can also choose ladies wind, so with better reflect the overall coordination.

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