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925 silver 2018
Generally refers to silver content of 92.5% silver jewelry, is also internationally recognized sterling silver standard. Because the purity of the silver is too soft and easy to be oxidized, pandora shop online 925 silver added 7.5% of the other metal, it has the ideal hardness. In order to prevent oxidation, will be plated in the 925 silver layer of platinum, and no platinum-plated 925 silver, is known as Su Yin, Su silver easily black, but also easy to clean, which is the most common silver jewelry market The

990 silver
990 silver jewelry is silver content of not less than 99% of silver jewelry, usually referred to as “full silver” pandora jewellery store , because the silver metal texture is soft, 990 silver high purity, texture is also very soft, and therefore can not be too complicated Of the processing, can only do some style modeling relatively simple silver, such as silver bracelets and so on. 990 silver high purity, can be secondary processing, can also be recycled, but also has a certain collection value pandora charm bracelet best prices .
999 silver
999 silver can be said that the highest purity of the silver, also known as “thousands of silver.” 999 silver color is pale, texture is also soft, used to make fine jewelry easy to deformation, not suitable for making imitation platinum or K gold inlaid jewelry, silver pandora charm bracelet so can only make a simple structure bracelet, anklet, or do Into silver, silver ingot for collection. The more pure silver is more sensitive to changes in skin sweat, especially for children and women’s health concerns.
In the silver with, in addition to pay attention to the coordination with the clothing with, but also with their own style and the environment in which to maintain consistency, engagement ring pandora charm with appropriate accessories, but also to enhance the overall image of temperament. Silver jewelry style style variety, in the match also has more flexibility and flexibility, the following to detail how different styles of silver jewelry and dress.
1, the workplace is a relatively serious occasion, wearing jewelry should not be too much, necklaces, earrings, rings is a good choice, bracelet bracelet and other silver jewelry is best replaced by a better watch, one in order to avoid the work of the collision issued Noise, where to buy pandora bracelets and charms two watches can highlight your time concept.
2, the workplace women choose with a concise style, modeling slim sterling silver necklace, silver earrings, good and let the whole look more serious, simple section of the ring is better, in formal occasions can be in the dress outside a brooch, both the whole Modeling finishing touch, and elegant.
1, pandora chain bracelet sweet lady wind in the choice of silver, the focus on jewelry exquisite, and not exaggerated jewelry, such as with a diamond ring, the other jewelry is relatively simple choice, so that the focus is gathered in the fingers, Out of the elegance of women, and there will not be too publicity.
2, sweet style girls are more suitable for wearing a cartoon logo silver jewelry, can bring out the girl sweet and pleasant temperament,charm bracelets like pandora  the corresponding clothing can also choose ladies wind, so with better reflect the overall coordination.

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Abstract: The 2016 September Hong Kong Jewelery & Gem Fair held by AsiaWorld Asia is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Lao Fengxiang carrying complete category, exquisite workmanship,  Pandora rose gold jewelry creative unique fashion works debut. The Hong Kong Jewelery Fair old Fengxiang booth and the old Fengxiang Hong Kong shop embraced each other, the former popular, the latter business again and again.
The 2016 September Hong Kong Jewelery & Gem Fair was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from September 15 to 19. This year has just won the “2016 Chinese enterprises 500 strong,” 2016 Shanghai top 100 enterprises “pandora rings jewelry sale and the column” the world’s top 100 luxury goods company “14th century national brand old Fengxiang carrying complete category, superb technology, creative unique fashion works debut The complete industrial chain, the diversified product line and the

gradual expansion of the global marketing network, and continuously improve the brand, business and brand products panda charms for bracelets , the international competitiveness of the master from the hands of the emerald boutique “age safe”, ” Rose Art “,” Jinlong Xiangyun “and the national non-material cultural and genetic skills – gold and silver fine works” imitation Qing Emperor Qianlong Jin Jin Baobu Yonggu Cup “and other classic works show the old Fengxiang deep cultural heritage. pandora jewelry bracelet Exhibition of 12.35 carat extreme brilliant color Oupo mosaic ring and dazzling eye-catching beauty pink diamond, redemerald mosaic ring inhalation eye.Lao Fengxiang “Jinzhiyuye” gold inlaid series of new products, “silver pinch painting enamel child grandchildren “And other enamel new products, old Fengxiang fashion diamond ornaments REMIX static and dynamic series of creative works embodies the old Fengxiang recent” creative Fashion, culture to create value,sterling silver pandora charms on sale  technical art to guide the trend, brand marketing to win the market, “the latest results held in the same period held a” brand creative cultural services “as the theme of the 15th Lao Fengxiang Shanghai International Jewelry Culture Festival” thousands of creative new “pandora gold charm bracelet  The theme of a variety of exhibits and the intensity of the unprecedented promotional activities, as the annual jewelry flourishing. Old Fengxiang booth number: 3B311
Lao Fengxiang took the lead in entering the Hong Kong market for several years, not only attracted the attention of the industry, but also won wide praise from the media. Hong Kong media to the old Fengxiang respect known as the “mainland a brother“, pandora necklaces and bracelets while the other mainland jewelry business, imitation into the port but not so good evaluation, and some even relegated to “counterfeiters.” Can be seen, the brand’s reputation is how important! Lao Fengxiang since 2008, twice a year to participate in the Hong Kong International Jewelery Show, for the brand communication and market access to lay a solid foundation. The Hong Kong Jewelery Fair old Fengxiang booth and the old Fengxiang Hong Kong shop embraced each other, pandora bracelet charms price the former popular, the latter business again and again. The latest news: Lao Fengxiang Hong Kong new store (sixth) will be opened before the National Day welcome.
Master works pass the classic category complete show strength
By the Chinese arts and crafts master Zhang Jing sheep designed mahogany mosaic works “years of peace”, from the same raw materials from the seven color of the emperor of the emerald egg as the main body,where to buy pandora charms online  delicate and pure texture, color rich and gorgeous uniform shape rounded full Unparalleled noble temperament, is one of the most watched exhibits in recent years.

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Abstract: Emerald necklace is an embodiment of jade craft and followed,  pandora disney charms and its style to do more, according to different functions and accessories for selection, jade necklace style can also be designed by the guests, according to their own free imagination to the creative necklace With the method, cheap pandora Alphat Charms & Number Charms wearing their own design out of the jade necklace in front of others will be more sense of accomplishment! Jade necklace wear, and also with men and women, clothing, shoes and hats have a great relationship, the following Xiaobian for everyone to share the jade necklace style and wear skills.

[Jade Necklace] Jade Necklace style which Jade Necklace wear skills to share
Jade necklace style which pandora charms retailers
Jade necklace wear, characterized by the whole chain by a pattern of repeated connections made of patterns. According to the process of floral and connection method, the Jade Necklace style can be divided into: whip chain, side silk chain, chain chain, bamboo chain, fancy chain and chain and so on.
Whip chain: is a relatively simple process necklace, its advantages are rough and generous, three-dimensional sense of strong pandora bracelet offers .
Side silk chain: mostly for machine processing, is characterized by small and exquisite, meticulous and beautiful.
Chain chain: the ring on the solder joints can not be too small, so the changes in the types of flowers can not be too much, the style of change has also been arranged by the combination of floral arrangements.
Bamboo chain: section and the section between the shaft to connect, showing a three-dimensional “bamboo” feeling bracelets similar to pandora .
Fancy chain: from two or more different styles of chain or flower pieces stitching necklace, are generally inlaid with precious stones.
Casing: processing technology is more complex, can be divided into two sets of chain and three sets of chain pandora stones.
Jade necklace wearing skills
Jade jewelry in our country for women to wear, if with clothing and temperament with properly, jade jewelry will make women look more noble and beautiful. Then we are talking about jade wearing jade necklace skills.
Jade necklace is a lot of skill to wear,pandora spacers  first of all the thickness of the jade necklace should be proportional to the thickness of the wearer’s neck. And usually the length of the jade necklace is about 40cm or so, if with such a necklace will wear low collar clothes. In the long section of the length of jade necklace is about 50cm or so, so the length of the necklace on the clothes basically nothing to pay attention pandora outlet . Long section of the jade necklace is usually around 60cm, this jade necklace mostly sweater chain, or only in social occasions to wear the jade necklace.
Jade Necklace or Jade Pendant in the match when there is a sense of coordination, if the formal social occasions can not pandora france choose those too bizarre graphics, it is best not to choose more than two necklace pendant, this jade necklace will be difficult to match clothes The Emerald jade necklace with suits is a better choice, if you can with a temperament type of bag, it can show the elegance of the wearer charms that fit pandora bracelet .
Men wear jade necklace is best not to wear outside the clothes, do not wear chains too thin jade necklace, this will appear more old-fashioned. Neck long female suitable for wearing a short section of the jade necklace, the best choice on the V-neck shirt collar. cheap bracelet charms  In the long section of the jade necklace is more suitable with a large collar clothes, and long section of the jade necklace, is suitable as a sweater chain or with a simple dress and so on.
Pearl necklace maintenance
1. Avoid collision with similar hard objects.
2. Pearl contaminated, you can use baking soda or cold cream or toothpaste gently rub, and then clean water net gold pandora charms cheap .
3. Avoid contact with perfume, grease, alcohol and acid, salt, nitrate, vinegar and other chemical substances.
4. Pearl by sweat acidic corrosion and the sun will be yellowing, can be placed in 10% dilute hydrochloric acid solution soak, with the foam, the surface is dissolved in yellow, re-show gloss, but avoid soak for too long, and with water drift clear pandora charms sale 2017.

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Pearl necklace buy skills how to buy the heart of the pearl necklace pendant
Pearl necklace pendant by the female favorite, pandora birthday charms reflecting the gentle and romantic, pearl necklace pendant will never be women wearing pearls more reflect its gentle and romantic, can be described as a never outdated fashion. How do you choose a pearl pendant for yourself? In addition to the style of love,where can i find a pandora bracelet  the main from the following aspects of the selection of pearls.
Pendant shape

The shape of pearls is very rich, can be divided into round, symmetrical, heterosexual three types. Round pearls represent the pinnacle of the quality of the form, the more round the better, the old saying there is “beads round Yu Run” argument. As the natural environment of the formation of pearls by a lot of difficult to control the impact of the shape of a good number of small, so symmetrical droplets, pandora white gold necklace oval, gourd-shaped pearls is also very difficult to obtain. Shaped pearl although the value is not high, but by the designer after the originality of the production doubled, and never find the same one.
Pendant size
The greater the size of pearls, the more difficult the process of breeding, the higher the value, the ancient language cloud “seven points beads, eight points” is the truth. In general, pearls are generally larger than freshwater pearls, pearls greater than 9 mm in diameter are much higher than the average size of pearls, and their prices are increasing with size pandora sterling silver bracelet . Large pearls look Yong Ronghua expensive, medium pearls are handsome pure, should take into account other factors choose their favorite.
Pendant color
Pearl necklace can be described as colorful, its color by the body color and diffuse over the whole body color, a vaguely visible light color composition. In addition to the golden yellow sea bead, with black peach green color with black pearls, subject to the principle of rare for the price higher, the rest of the color pearls are mainly affected by different regional cultural traditions. When you buy pearls, where can you buy a pandora bracelet  you do not have to worry about what kind of color to worry about, just pick the favorite color can be. Vitality of the white pearls, with the golden color of the royal green pearls, rich romantic pink pearls, etc., I believe there will always be a let you satisfied.
Pearl necklace buy skills how to buy the heart of the pearl necklace pendant
Pearl necklace buy skills how to buy the heart of the pearl necklace pendant
Pendant luster charm bracelets like pandor
Pearls with its soft and elegant pearl luster to attract the world, there is no shiny pearls and stones and what is the difference between the gloss of the pearl of the beautiful and the price has a significant impact. High-grade pearls give a dazzling jewels, but not glare, is a kind of dignified affinity. It reflects the light is not dull,50th birthday charm for pandora bracelet  but rich, changeable, change the different angles, you can see the crushing changes in the halo color.
Pendant finish
Due to environmental and maternal health and other aspects of the impact of the vast majority of pearl surface with varying degrees of flaws. As long as these flaws are not very obvious or hidden in the mosaic and other subtle places, pendant pandora charm sthe impact on the aesthetic and the price is small, there is no need to over-pursuit of perfection.
The above aspects need you to consider, buy pearls, but also should be based on their own preferences, age, other clothing and other circumstances to judge. Own standard is the highest standard pandora engagement ring charm . I like the most important scale.

【Zaosiao】 series new disney pandora charms 2017

Abstract: The annual Shanghai International Jewelery Show is on schedule, and this jewelery fashion feast is held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. A jewelry industry ,pandora gold and silver bracelet “Oscar” feast officially kicked off! It is worth mentioning that the old Chinese brand old temple gold with a new image debut, become the focus of attention in the show.
The first day of the summer, the sunny day, the annual Shanghai International Jewelery Exhibition scheduled to come, this from May 10 to 1710 jewelry fashion feast in the much anticipated in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall was held.

Outside the inside of the unique shape, from the essence of the traditional Chinese culture of a high degree of concise, both implied inside the outside of the way of life, but also reflects the philosophy of philosophy pandora silver.
Booth as a whole to the rich gold-based, the overall style according to the new Logo (brand logo) design concept extended to give a bright new experience!

In addition to the eye of the booth, the old temple gold have launched a heavy new products are also everywhere embodies the new Chinese culture at the end of rhyme, a comprehensive interpretation of the traditional culture at the same time, will also be exquisite pandora jewelry on sale fashion style interpretation of the most incisive, the scene attracts many guests and Media onlookers.

【Zaosiao】 series
The new zodiac series to inherit the tradition and innovation of the unique creative concept, inspired by the modern oriental architecture, learn from the Yuanmingyuan twelve beast first form, the people since ancient times accustomed to the image of the zodiac to deconstruction, in a linear way to create a sense of space ,sale pandora rings  Geometric structure implied Zhizhuo, simple power of the United States, embodies the harmony between man and nature, harmony between man and nature vision.
Remember how long the Red Dot Design Award was won? By the “product design community Oscar” affirmed, we can see the old temple of gold in the new Chinese cultural concept has been recognized by the world, into the world!

Zenue series
Zen Yue series to the original nano-micro-carving technology, the creative will be more than 260 words “Heart Sutra” and the South China Sea Guanyin sitting like pandora in store sale  a micro-carving in the diameter of only 5mm material, without any means of amplification, the naked eye can clearly see all the micro-carving content. Can be described as modern high-end technology and traditional Zen depth of fit, one for the Zen, to remove the hearts of distractions, bless peace.

【Dasheng】 return to the series
There is a hero called Qi Tian Da Sheng, there is a feeling called Monkey King Sun Wukong. “Holy return to the series” products based on popular domestic animation film “holy return” design, meaning the guardian of love, life unchanged. Believe that we have spent a good childhood Sun Dasheng will attract you to relive bracelet with charms pandora  a warm and loving childhood memories.
In the traditional Chinese culture, people will always choose to wear some auspicious jewelry in the body, in order to achieve the “evil evil”, convergence “fortune” purpose.

Millennium Star is pandora bracelet charms

Millennium Star is De Beers company has a famous diamond, weighing 203.04 karats, the color for the top D color, new disney pandora charms 2017 both inside and outside are pure and flawless. The diamond was found in the early 20th century in the early 1990s in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) Mbuji Mayi sand mine, the original stone weight 777 karats, after De Beers bought, Steinmetz Corporation (Steinmetz Group ) Lasted three years of design and processing, and finally the use of laser technology cut into 54 facets of the drop-shaped cut cinderella pandora bracelet.
In October 1999, as the core treasures of the De Beers Millions Diamond Series, the Millennium Star was first presented to the world in the Millennium Dome in London to meet the new millennium. This giant diamond because of its extraordinary weight and perfect purity, there is no valuation pictures of pandora bracelets.

Eternal Heart is a 27.64 karats of diamonds, the color is rare and colorful blue, cut by Steinmetz, De Beers bought.
De Beers collected 11 blue diamonds, composed of the famous Midnight Collection (Midnight Collection), a total of 118 karats, the eternal heart is the largest one. Including it, the 11 diamonds all produced in South Africa Plemir mine. But the total output of blue diamonds is still less than 0.1% of the total output of the Plemir mine in South Africa pandora jewelry catalog.
The diamond is also on display at the Millennium Dome in London as part of the De Beers Millennial and Midnight series, along with the Millennium Star. Is privately owned and currently valued at $ 16 million.
Lila Vanderbilt Slohn and the wavy modern crown
Wave-shaped modern crown in 1902 design and manufacture, triple wave-shaped design, the exquisite hair and crown combined to enhance the sense of fashion. Using old cut and rose cut diamonds,gold and silver pandora bracelet  seed mosaic (Millegrain Settting) in platinum. Lila Vanderbilt Sloane, the descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the famous British railroad, acquired the modern headdress.
Marie Scott Sanchelet and Lily Triangle Corset Brooch and Diamond Necklace
Lily Triangle Corset Brooch and Diamond Necklace Made in 1906. Lily Triangle Corset Brooch with old cut and rose cut diamonds, seeded in platinum, the two wings of the length of 27cm pandora bracelets on sale . Diamond necklace with round old cut diamonds, seed-mounted in platinum, 33cm long, high 5.4cm. Mary Scott Townsend is a prominent member of Washington’s upper-class society at the beginning of the twentieth century, and her nephew’s daughter, Thora Ronalds McElroy, (Scott-Strong) coal and railway heirs, inherited the two jewelry.
Diamond bright light set off the beauty of the face of women, and its hard, unique qualities, it is the modern strong pandora charms new collection , independent personality of the perfect interpretation. As Marlene Monroe sang in the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, “these stones are immortal. Diamonds are the best friends of women.” (“These rocks don ‘ T lost their shape. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. “)