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Beijing Run pearl: pearl beauty Yang Han Fang was classified as provincial intangible cultural heritage  pandora jewelry sale 

Abstract: In March 2017, Jingrun Pearl inherited and studied the “Pearl Beauty Yang Yan Fang” was listed as provincial intangible cultural heritage. This is the Beijing-run pearl dozens of concentrated study, protection and heritage of the beauty of this country is certainly the national standard, high-level cultural endorsement, effectively enhance the Beijing Run Group employees of the intangible cultural heritage of the sense of responsibility,pandora earrings on sale  so that They put forward a higher quality requirements on the practice, in the future to create more and more belong to the Beijing Run brand characteristics of pearls.
The beauty of pearls
Pearls, history in China for thousands of years, China’s pearl history began in Dayu era, is the world’s first use of pearl one of the countries.
Pearls from ancient times has been quite “beauty holy goods,” the title of the ancient lady there, commonly used pearl powder Fumian whitening habits.
Which had to mention is the Empress Dowager Cixi pandora bracelet charms .
The history of the Empress Dowager Cixi is extremely obsessed with pearls, not only the top of the top of the pearls, hanging on the neck with pearls, who wear pearls, feet poked with pearls, wrist hanging pearls, hands holding pearls The From head to toe, are shining the light of pearls. Moreover, in the palace, pearls are everywhere.
Empress Dowager Cixi, also specifically hired a polished pearl powder Commissioner, long-term adherence to the use of natural sea water pearl coating, and studied a set of pearl powder method, regular oral pearl powder. Empress on such oral and external pearl powder, charms for a pandora bracelet has been insisted to die.
According to the Qing Dynasty princess in the “Royal fragrance recorded” contained, Empress Dowager Cixi after entering the old age, the skin is still like a girl like white and smooth.
Ming Li Shizhen in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the detailed description of the pharmacological effects of pearls, pearl flavor salty, Gan Han non-toxic, Zhenxin point head. Painted surface, it is moist and good color. Tu hands and feet, to the skin against the group, falling sputum, in addition to face spots pandora rose gold charms.
The pearl grind into powder, painted surface can be white skin, treatment of facial dark spots, warm water to take, you can eyes and ears, help organs, peace of mind, strong bones. The use of pearl powder, have to say that China is unique pearl culture.

Pearl powder can effectively improve the skin immunity, which contains 18 kinds of amino acids and more than 20 kinds of trace elements, such as resistance to the external environment of the attack of taurine, deep skin glycogen supplementation, accelerate the formation of collagen methionine … Has always been the basis for the survival and vitality of the skin.
Topical can whitening, pandora limited edition charms 2017 control oil acne, remove black head, repa ir injured skin, but also can promote the body’s collagen cell growth, pearl powder anti-inflammatory effect, can prevent further deterioration of the wound.
Oral pearl powder also has a lot of good health effects. “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” 2015 edition of pearl powder can be sedative, eyesight shade, detoxification myogenic, moisturizing freckle, can also be used for palpitation insomnia, convulsions epilepsy, red eyes, sore, and so on.
Yang Yan Guozhi
2016 Beijing Run pearl micron pearl powder won the 2016 ELLE China annual beauty star “national essence beauty award” leather pandora bracelet with charms.
“ELLE Beauty Star Beauty Star” is “ELLE World Fashion Court” launched in 2009, which lasted seven years, it is not only the beauty of China’s beauty standard, has become one of the global ELLE event!
2016 US makeup star list 50 + experts, 200,000 + users to participate in the selection, the list is highly authoritative.

【Zaosiao】 series new disney pandora charms 2017

Abstract: The annual Shanghai International Jewelery Show is on schedule, and this jewelery fashion feast is held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. A jewelry industry ,pandora gold and silver bracelet “Oscar” feast officially kicked off! It is worth mentioning that the old Chinese brand old temple gold with a new image debut, become the focus of attention in the show.
The first day of the summer, the sunny day, the annual Shanghai International Jewelery Exhibition scheduled to come, this from May 10 to 1710 jewelry fashion feast in the much anticipated in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall was held.

Outside the inside of the unique shape, from the essence of the traditional Chinese culture of a high degree of concise, both implied inside the outside of the way of life, but also reflects the philosophy of philosophy pandora silver.
Booth as a whole to the rich gold-based, the overall style according to the new Logo (brand logo) design concept extended to give a bright new experience!

In addition to the eye of the booth, the old temple gold have launched a heavy new products are also everywhere embodies the new Chinese culture at the end of rhyme, a comprehensive interpretation of the traditional culture at the same time, will also be exquisite pandora jewelry on sale fashion style interpretation of the most incisive, the scene attracts many guests and Media onlookers.

【Zaosiao】 series
The new zodiac series to inherit the tradition and innovation of the unique creative concept, inspired by the modern oriental architecture, learn from the Yuanmingyuan twelve beast first form, the people since ancient times accustomed to the image of the zodiac to deconstruction, in a linear way to create a sense of space ,sale pandora rings  Geometric structure implied Zhizhuo, simple power of the United States, embodies the harmony between man and nature, harmony between man and nature vision.
Remember how long the Red Dot Design Award was won? By the “product design community Oscar” affirmed, we can see the old temple of gold in the new Chinese cultural concept has been recognized by the world, into the world!

Zenue series
Zen Yue series to the original nano-micro-carving technology, the creative will be more than 260 words “Heart Sutra” and the South China Sea Guanyin sitting like pandora in store sale  a micro-carving in the diameter of only 5mm material, without any means of amplification, the naked eye can clearly see all the micro-carving content. Can be described as modern high-end technology and traditional Zen depth of fit, one for the Zen, to remove the hearts of distractions, bless peace.

【Dasheng】 return to the series
There is a hero called Qi Tian Da Sheng, there is a feeling called Monkey King Sun Wukong. “Holy return to the series” products based on popular domestic animation film “holy return” design, meaning the guardian of love, life unchanged. Believe that we have spent a good childhood Sun Dasheng will attract you to relive bracelet with charms pandora  a warm and loving childhood memories.
In the traditional Chinese culture, people will always choose to wear some auspicious jewelry in the body, in order to achieve the “evil evil”, convergence “fortune” purpose.

Kaiyun (China) pandora charm bracelets on sale

Kaiyun (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Pomellato Po Man Lan Duo, founded in 1967 in Milan, pandora rose gold charms swept thousands of European women’s Italian top handmade jewelry brand, the “senior clothing” concept into the pioneers of the field of jewelry
Pomellato, a representative of the pioneer of the goldsmith’s family, was born in Milan in 1967, inspired by the intuition, extraordinary creativity and splendor of color. As a pioneer in the introduction of the “prêt-à-porter” concept in the field of jewelry,new disney pandora charms 2017  Rabolini has given the brand a strong personality logo and a fashion style that responds to the trend from the start. This is not only to ensure that the brand since the robust development, more fast stop in Italy and even the international jewelry market provides the necessary conditions.

All along, Pomellato will be handicrafts placed in a pivotal position, committed to the Careers, bringing a first-class technology, experienced master craftsman. Today, the brand Milan headquarters has more than 100 goldsmiths, they every day with a whole attitude and the spirit of the creation of creative inspiration Pomellato jewelry pandora rings and bracelets.
Through a variety of colored gemstones, special cutting methods and handmade master perfect flawless creative essence to uncompromising way with a combination of brand to show a unique original spirit and edge of the leading attitude, and gradually grow into a breakthrough classic classic The United States logo.
Since 2013, Pomellato has become a member of the Kering Group. As a world leader in the apparel and accessories industry, the Kering Group offers a range of outstanding luxury, sport and lifestyle brands. Group brands include Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, pandora charms for bracelets Balenciaga, Brioni, Christopher Kane, McQ, Stella McCartney, Tomas Maier, Sergio Rossi, Boucheron, Dodo, Girard-Perregaux, JeanRichard, Qeelin, Ulysse Nardin, Puma, Volcom, Cobra, Electric and Tretorn. The Group fully supports and encourages its brand to develop imagination and creativity, providing the potential for sustainable growth to realize its own growth potential pandora bracelets with charms already on.
In history, Pomellato has also enjoyed the reputation of creative leaders and trend creators in the field of advocacy. He has invited famous photographers such as Helmut Newton, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Michel Comte, Paolo Roversi, Javier Vallhonrat, Sølve Sundsbø and Jean-Baptiste Mondin. advertising.
In 2015, the Pomellato ad created by Mert and Marcus unveiled the mystery of the new inspired muse: Salma Hayek pandora charm bracelets on sale  . This choice of elegant and full of sensual charm of the Mediterranean, showing the brand hope through a keen and highly attractive female image to spread their own values ​​and ideals of the strong will.

Millennium Star is pandora bracelet charms

Millennium Star is De Beers company has a famous diamond, weighing 203.04 karats, the color for the top D color, new disney pandora charms 2017 both inside and outside are pure and flawless. The diamond was found in the early 20th century in the early 1990s in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) Mbuji Mayi sand mine, the original stone weight 777 karats, after De Beers bought, Steinmetz Corporation (Steinmetz Group ) Lasted three years of design and processing, and finally the use of laser technology cut into 54 facets of the drop-shaped cut cinderella pandora bracelet.
In October 1999, as the core treasures of the De Beers Millions Diamond Series, the Millennium Star was first presented to the world in the Millennium Dome in London to meet the new millennium. This giant diamond because of its extraordinary weight and perfect purity, there is no valuation pictures of pandora bracelets.

Eternal Heart is a 27.64 karats of diamonds, the color is rare and colorful blue, cut by Steinmetz, De Beers bought.
De Beers collected 11 blue diamonds, composed of the famous Midnight Collection (Midnight Collection), a total of 118 karats, the eternal heart is the largest one. Including it, the 11 diamonds all produced in South Africa Plemir mine. But the total output of blue diamonds is still less than 0.1% of the total output of the Plemir mine in South Africa pandora jewelry catalog.
The diamond is also on display at the Millennium Dome in London as part of the De Beers Millennial and Midnight series, along with the Millennium Star. Is privately owned and currently valued at $ 16 million.
Lila Vanderbilt Slohn and the wavy modern crown
Wave-shaped modern crown in 1902 design and manufacture, triple wave-shaped design, the exquisite hair and crown combined to enhance the sense of fashion. Using old cut and rose cut diamonds,gold and silver pandora bracelet  seed mosaic (Millegrain Settting) in platinum. Lila Vanderbilt Sloane, the descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the famous British railroad, acquired the modern headdress.
Marie Scott Sanchelet and Lily Triangle Corset Brooch and Diamond Necklace
Lily Triangle Corset Brooch and Diamond Necklace Made in 1906. Lily Triangle Corset Brooch with old cut and rose cut diamonds, seeded in platinum, the two wings of the length of 27cm pandora bracelets on sale . Diamond necklace with round old cut diamonds, seed-mounted in platinum, 33cm long, high 5.4cm. Mary Scott Townsend is a prominent member of Washington’s upper-class society at the beginning of the twentieth century, and her nephew’s daughter, Thora Ronalds McElroy, (Scott-Strong) coal and railway heirs, inherited the two jewelry.
Diamond bright light set off the beauty of the face of women, and its hard, unique qualities, it is the modern strong pandora charms new collection , independent personality of the perfect interpretation. As Marlene Monroe sang in the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, “these stones are immortal. Diamonds are the best friends of women.” (“These rocks don ‘ T lost their shape. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. “)

what jewelry stores sell pandora

Claw inlay Mom Charms & Family Charms:
Claw set is divided into three claw mosaic, four claw mosaic and six claw mosaic, this mosaic approach is all the mosaic approach in the most common one. new disney pandora charms 2017The reason why it is called pawl, because it is holding a long jaws gem. This mosaic makes the beauty of diamonds, easy to observe the diamond cut, color, clarity, the way by the New York famous jeweler Tiffany invented pandora rings and bracelets.
Advantages: This mosaic grip is relatively strong, of course, in addition to 2 claw inlay (the famous easy to get drilled), especially the four claws, solid and less covered. The biggest advantage is that metal rarely block diamonds, clearly showing the beauty of diamonds, minnie mouse pandora and favorable light to different angles and reflection, so that the diamond looks bigger and more bright.
Weakness: If you must say that the shortcomings of this mosaic method diamond more than the ring more likely, some MM do not like to spend more metal. Some heart-shaped claws will hook clothes, or a row.

Package Two-tone Charms :
This inlaid technology diamond is completely surrounded by the shape of the precious metal edge of the frame.
Advantages: the same as the photo frame, the diamond under the waist are wrapped in the metal care, this mosaic is also classic, but spend less metal, but the diamond size requirements (small and then a package can not see ), In fact, this method should also be very strong, and not hook hair sweater. The same time as   charms for pandora bracelet  
Short: and claw mosaic compared to the diamond is not so eye-catching.
Groove  :
This is a mosaic of a number of rules and sizes of diamonds inlaid approach, the basic method is to first make a metal ring trench to a groove, and then to the middle diamond. This method can also be used to round, narrow rectangular and square gems. The same time as pandora bracelets with charms already on Advantages: This mosaic method can make the surface of the trim looks smooth, and relatively safe and secure.
Weakness: and the same article, this mosaic method is not drilled.
Small diamond mosaic technology, diamond mosaic between each other very close, so not significant metal. The pavé the surface looks all paved by the diamond. The same time as pandora earrings sale 
Strengths: fine chic
Short: not suitable for single diamond mosaic. If a large area of ​​use, is not suitable for changing the ring hand, or easy to fall drill.
Single grain inlay:
A single gemstone mosaic pandora jewelry offers .
Advantages: diamonds will not be blocked by metal. The same time as
Advantages: Some MM may feel that this mosaic way is too monotonous, and this approach to the higher requirements of diamonds.

where to buy pandora bracelets and charms

Highlight the food industry leader in the style of 100 companies. Through the jewelry culture to show customers to set the specimen pandora charms buy online, raw materials, jewelry products as one of the shopping process, so that customers experience a new experience of the concept of shopping.
In terms of services, Cai Bai company in Beijing set up the first gold jewelry service center, the full implementation of 30 service commitments to provide consumers with jewelry cleaning, repair, consulting, trade-in, lettering and other “one-stop” service, was The majority of customers as “gold service.”
In the process of continuous development, pandora jewelry bracelet charms   Cai Bai company has a professionally trained jewelry design team, the development of a hundred products with independent intellectual property rights.

The team has introduced a number of new products popular with consumers. The company also enjoys the reputation of “National Precious Metals Project Premises Station”. Every year, sterling silver number charms we will introduce a large number of new investment projects in the form of national first and Beijing exclusive sales. It is favored by the majority of collectors and purchased precious metals Has become the consensus of the vast number of consumers.
At the same time, Cai Bai as the representative of the Chinese jewelry industry, also attracted a large number of international promotion organizations, the World Gold Council, the International Platinum Association, the International Color Gem Association … … they are and 100 companies for many years. After the effort to spare no effort, a number of new fashion and Chinese consumers to meet  pandora pink beads. Vegetables 100 for the positive spread of jewelry culture, leading fashion high-end consumption has made outstanding contributions. As a result, Cai Bai known as “the promotion of international fashion jewelry base.”
In the face of the future, the company will continue to improve the gold jewelry franchise, the implementation of cultural marketing concept, and constantly enrich the “food 100 jewelry” connotation, to strengthen cooperation with international counterparts to a variety of independent products to meet market demand 50th birthday charm for pandora bracelet.

fashion jewelry promotion base pandora charms on sale

Beijing City, the mouth of the Department Store Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of jewelry, well-known trademarks in Beijing,pandora charm bracelet sale  old and famous enterprises, to create an exclusive 1000 fine carat drilling famous, known as the “international fashion jewelry promotion base”

Fashion style, high-quality products and services is “food 100 jewelry,” the core content. “100 dishes” always adhere to the quality first, the purpose of business integrity, Cai hundred companies to develop higher than the national standard “100 dishes” standard,sterling silver number charms   as a basis for manufacturers to issue quality orders. Each item must undergo a rigorous inspection process. Vegetables 100 companies to sell each piece of jewelry are attached to the national authority issued by the inspection certificate. High-quality goods to win the trust of customers pandora pink beads.

Beijing Food City Department Store Co., Ltd. is located in Xicheng District, Beijing Guang’an Menwei Street 306, the business area of ​​8800 square meters. Gold and silver coins, K-gold and 18K gold, silver jewelry and other large categories of goods, with Chinese gold coin franchisee qualified, is the gold and silver, silver, jewelry, gold, Beijing’s largest and most complete variety of gold jewelry franchise company.sales on pandora charms and bracelets  In the years of practice, Cai Bai companies gradually established, the formation, improvement and development of the gold jewelry characteristics of business.
At present in Beijing and outside Fu a total of 19 direct chain stores and branch offices, while the top 100 jewelry Jingdong, days cat flagship store has been officially on the line pandora bracelets charms on sale . In 2013, the sales of 100 companies to achieve 13.5 billion yuan, so far, the food hundred companies have been for 24 consecutive years, Beijing gold jewelry sales first, the national sales of a single store a number of honor.
Cai Bai company is a member of the Shanghai Gold Exchange member, with the direct sale of yellow and platinum raw materials qualifications, and the fourth floor of the company opened a precious metal investment trading center for the vast number of consumers pandora silver necklace for charms  complete specifications, rich variety of physical gold, and has a convenient Of the repurchase system. Physical gold not only sales to achieve a new breakthrough, while the “possession of gold in the people” concept enjoys popular support.
While playing the advantages of gold at the same time, vegetables 100 diamonds, jewelry, jade jewelry also in the market advantage. Cai Bai company exclusive launch of 1,000 fine carat drill, stores that carry pandora jewelry each grain has a triple certificate to ensure quality. Emerald boutique area, emerald culture sand table to convey to consumers a broad and profound jade culture. October 2010, Cai Bai company jointly international color gem Association launched a world-class color gem to promote activities, from around the world to collect more than 100 pieces of the top jewelry ore, the original stone on display pandora engagement ring charm.

Spring like love, drilling the general truth


– Vegetables hundred jewelry diamond tour season shines the curtain
Warm spring in April, the sun through the heart, pandora rose gold ring bow  such as a warm current in your heart flowing, for each pair of love lovers add more happiness. Diamond as the highest hardness of the natural gem, was considered a symbol of solidarity. At the same time, also known as the April birthday stone. In order to allow more customers to enjoy the boutique diamonds, Cai Bai company opened the princess pandora tiara ring  linkage Beijing – Diamond Tour the first stop, not only the beauty of the more diamonds, allowing you in this romantic season feel the sweet atmosphere of the air.

Beauty, from the inside to the outside
Diamonds pure and transparent, enduring, diamond ring like lover eyes bright eyes, affectionately watching you pandora black rose ring . It is a sign of pure love, that the eternal pursuit of love and loyalty. Ancient emperors regarded diamonds as a sign of infinite power, regarded as a treasure, deep in the palace, from generation to generation. So people see it as a sign of extraordinary ability, extremely strong, indestructible pandora disney limited edition 
Love, never far away
Diamond forever, a permanent spread Diamonds have long been an indispensable companion to a woman’s life. The company will bring the diamond tour to the store. Let every beautiful girl go near the diamond. Extraordinary efforts to wait for you, pandora rose gold charms Shunyi and Daxing small partners are blessed, and now far from the door you can enjoy the benefits of food sent to you. The perfect color of the “ten heart ten arrows perfect diamonds”, “lucky as you, precious as I” of the roster 100 special lucky series of diamond ornaments, metal and diamond perfect fusion of “magnificent mosaic” series of diamond ornaments ….. Let you enjoy the beauty of diamonds at the door of the house  gold bracelet

In this fascinating diamond month, to the hundred dishes, whether it is in the wedding season to give a faithful commitment to love, or for the sake of the protection of the romantic determination, the bright light of the hundred flowers will eventually witness every Happy and beautiful.

marriage pandora forever pandora ring

Coral growth is very slow, 20 years old one inch, 300 years long one kilogram, is regarded as the sea treasures, and because of its rare rare, unique, so it is called “mysterious sea aristocracy.” pretty pandora rings Coral is the sea to give the gift of mankind, is regarded as auspicious happy things, on behalf of noble and power, is a symbol of happiness and eternal. Red coral represents a lively, warm, faithful, pleasant; pink coral represents the tempted, warm, soft, first love; white coral represents respect, frank, elegant, pure yellow pandora ring .

Cuisine hundred stores on display three coral jewelry, shiny bright, gentle and pleasant, you are welcome to shop to buy!
“Dragon and Phoenix” is one of the most traditional wedding elements in China, inherent “dragon and phoenix” was the eternal beauty of marriage theme. In the modern marriage, there is no shortage of traditional wedding elements into the wedding jewelry sterling silver number charms, “Dragon and Phoenix” is frequently used in the marriage of the message, metaphor for the man for the dragon, the woman for the phoenix, auspicious double, wealth auspicious beauty wish. Vegetables and hundreds of jewelry “Longfeng Chengxiang” wedding package, the use of modern hollow sandblasting, technology, fashion and classical coexistence, exquisite, and another hundred dishes “Longfeng Chengxiang” investment jewelry gold bullion continued hot, look forward to your purchase pandora rose gold charms ! Happy life, love in the food hundred!
In the kingdom of jewelry, diamonds have an unparalleled status, known as the “king of gems.” Diamond is hard, bright, pure, durable, has always been regarded as “eternal true love” symbol: it’s hard, witness the love of faith; it’s fire color, witness the love of the bright; it’s thorough, witness the purity of love; Forever, witness the love of the permanent pandora 3 for 2 rings. Diamond jewelry, whether it is love, marriage, birthday, commemorative, can be expressed as people love, witness the promise of the supreme choice. Happy life, love in the food hundred, 100 dishes for your carefully recommended!
You must have heard the “red emerald green purple purple for your” sentence, to know our common emerald and more than three colors, it is – red orange yellow green white purple,
pandora princess ring sale seven colors are! Green is the most common color, its from shallow to deep into light green, green, green, dark green and dark green, which emerald green for the best, giving a full of vitality. Feeling; Huang Fei pretty riches, purple and elegant atmosphere, white jade clean ice, ink Tsui was the new darling of fashion pandora my princess ring size 6 . Want to choose a feast for their own Jade jewelry? You can come to the menu of hundreds of jewelry choose to see! Happy life, love in the food hundred!

Noble and elegant, charm unlimited – ruby

Ruby, one of the world’s five famous precious stones, which “pigeon blood red” ruby ​​the highest value, its rich color, pandora rose gold charms  like the general pigeon blood Hongyan, with velvet-like texture. Ruby everywhere exudes the extraordinary, gorgeous atmosphere, indicates that love is beautiful, eternal and faithful, it is known as “love stone”, is also the July “birthday stone”, is a symbol of honor and rights pandora disney limited edition . Vegetable hundred stores the second floor of the red and blue treasure area and the store for everyone to bring you a variety of high-quality ruby ​​jewelry, with a taste of your precious and infinite charm of the ruby.
Corals are listed as one of the seven pandora earrings on sale treasures of Buddhism. Millennium coral million years of red, red coral since ancient times is rich and auspicious things, its color is gratifying, texture shiny, is extremely precious gem varieties, with its can not copy, graceful body and by people’s favorite. Coral not only represents the noble, but also a symbol of happiness and auspicious. In the history and culture,pandora bracelet & charms   the coral is regarded as “bright and wisdom” symbol, is one of the seven treasures. As a promoter of jewelery culture, the first coral culture museum in Beijing will not only enjoy a variety of coral ornaments, but also appreciate the coral culture, close to the rare large coral tree in Asia, you are welcome to the shop Three-story blessing area to enjoy the purchase. Red agate, pure color gorgeous, delicate texture and moist, a wide range infinity charm for pandora bracelet . As the saying goes, “thousands of kinds of agate million kinds of jade”, the shape of the band for the agate ornaments add a sub-Smart breath, is a high degree of popularity of a class of jade jewelry. Agate symbolizes friendship, love and hope, is one of the “seven treasures of Buddhism”. Cai Bai company has a rich variety of fine red agate jewelry for your selection, you are welcome to come to appreciation. Garnet,gold pandora charms sale     also known as “purple teeth”, because the shape, color and pomegranate seed similar to the name. Garnet is rich in color, like the Bordeaux wine-like flashing can not hide the glory, exudes the vitality of youthful atmosphere, it is defined as “January birthday stone”, a symbol of faithful, fraternity, honesty and simplicity, is a good young family select. Cai Bai company to provide you with rich style, beautifully designed garnet jewelry, pandora charms and bracelets for sale clever design, excellent quality, for your shape with a touch of fashion bright colors!