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In recent years, the gorgeous gems become the new darling of fashionable women exclusive disney pandora charms. For these beautiful appearance, bright color gem, you know how to maintain it? Here to look at all kinds of color gem maintenance methods Daquan, master the most professional gem conservation knowledge, so that your baby forever shiny shiny.

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All kinds of color gem maintenance methods: ruby

1, ruby ​​due to the greater hardness, relative to other gems is better maintenance, wear to avoid collision caused irreparable damage.

2, wearing a ruby ​​jewelry, should pay attention to check once a month, if there is the phenomenon of inlay loose, should be promptly repaired.
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3, ruby ​​for the translucent gem, stained with the body of fat and sweat, will lose light. Therefore, if you often wear, should be cleaned once a month. When cleaning, be careful not to use bleach, abrasive detergent, detergent and toothpaste to clean, with mild soapy water and soft brush cleaning is the easiest way to clean, with waxy floss or The toothpick can remove dirt between the stones and the claws. After cleaning the jewelry can be placed on the towel without lint on the air. new disney pandora charms 2017
4, boundless inlaid with micro-inlaid ruby ​​jewelry, in the daily wear to be careful to try to avoid a big collision, such as the discovery of boundless jewelry out of stone phenomenon, can not continue to wear, to repair as soon as possible to prevent a large area of ​​precious stones off pandora jewellery sale .

All kinds of color gem maintenance methods: sapphire

1, in sports or do heavy work, do not wear sapphire jewelry, so as to avoid damage caused by collision.

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2, do not put sapphire jewelry and other jewelry placed in the same drawer or jewelry box. Because a variety of precious stones and metal hardness is different, because of friction caused by friction.

3, wearing sapphire jewelry, should pay attention to check once a month, if there is the phenomenon of inlay loose, should be promptly repaired.

4, with other gems, sapphire stained with the body of fat and sweat will lose luster. Therefore, if you often wear, should be cleaned once a month.

Sapphire cleaning charms compatible with pandora bracelet

1, with a mild detergent and soft brush cleaning is the easiest way to clean.

2, can be used without waxy dental floss or toothpick to remove the stones and between the grasping of dirt.

3, avoid using abrasive detergent, cleaning agents, toothpaste and on the strong acid and alkali cleaning agent in the cleaning.
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All kinds of color gem maintenance methods: emerald

1, emerald is a delicate gem, do not rub with other precious stones or metal to avoid scratch the surface of the gem, but also to avoid pandora jewelry website bumps, causing damage to the edges and corners. If you need to engage in manual labo r or strenuous exercise, the jewelry should be taken off, so as not to be affected by the collision, so that cracks inside the gem.

2, good quality emerald gemstones should not stay for a long time in the smoke fog place, soot on the emerald surface erosion, will make the gem of the surface gloss damage. Therefore, in the cooking, cooking or in a place where the smoke, you should avoid wearing grandmother jewelry.
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3, the emerald is very bogey high temperature, and some oil-filled emerald at high temperatures will reveal the flaws, so in a long time soak the bath before the best jewelry removed, in addition, the temperature of the gems of the internal gripping cracks or To expand the original internal package body, so when repairing emerald jewelry must be careful, and ask the professionals on the line repair pandora charm bracelet sale.

4, when cleaning emeralds should be washed with water. Emerald is often treated by oil leaching to cover fissures and increase transparency. Therefore, when cleaning emeralds,pandora ariel charm  you can not use acid, alkali, alcohol, ether and other substances, they will destroy the feathers in the filling material, thereby reducing its transparency. So, it is best to wash the emerald jewelry with water. Emerald jewelry can not be cleaned with ultrasound, otherwise it may cause great damage to the gem.

Red, green, blue, brown,gold, pink bare diamond maintenance skills 1

Diamond love love, now new people will buy a diamond ring, you know the bare diamond maintenance skills Mody,gold bracelet  how to maintain bare drill  gold bracelet? Here a few days to get married to introduce you several diamond maintenance skills, so you better save your wedding ring

Bare drill

Naked drill maintenance skills

Cold water soak: 1 to 4 ratio of the detergent into the cold water, the diamond ring into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush and rinse it once with a solution yellow pandora bracelet, then wipe it dry with a paper towel. You can also use a small bowl or cup, the right amount of water and home Ammonia water mixture, diamonds immersed in water for about 30 minutes, and then with a small brush, in the diamond around the gently scrub, and then waving in the water Will be taken out with a paper towel can be dry.

Naked drill maintenance skills 2

Aksu wedding photographer Which is recommended to do housework and remove the diamond ornaments off, because the oil, bleaching powder and a variety of cleaning chemicals will affect the diamond luster, and even diamond spots. Affect the beauty of diamonds pandora rose gold charms.

Naked drill maintenance skills 3

When handling heavy work, be sure to take off the diamond, although the real diamond hard, wear, but if you encounter a blow, it may be damaged along the direction of the texture.

Naked drill maintenance skills 4

Collection, custody should be placed separately diamond ornaments, to avoid mixing with other jewelry, or hard diamond will be scratched, in particular, should be separated from gold jewelry, gold is soft, as with the diamond or put together or wear together, It is easy to damage, and gold is also easy to make white gold, affecting color.

Naked drill maintenance tips 5 disney pandora charms at disneyland

(1) Aksu wedding photographer who said that diamonds have affinity for oil, easy to stain the skin grease, cosmetics and kitchen oil and lose luster, it should be cleaned regularly, usually once a month cleaning, available jewelry cleaning solution, can also send To the jewelry shop cleaning.

(2) Regularly diamonds are diverted to jeweler shop every year to see if the diamonds are loose and worn to prevent damage or loss of diamonds.

(3) quick cleaning method to buy a bottle of brand-name jewelry cleaning fluid, together with the attached container, follow the instructions to wash the diamond
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Although the diamond forever, diamonds are very strong, but Xiaobian suggested that we learn more naked drill maintenance skills, maintenance of your love keepsake.

Red bead wedding ring diamond care taboo

Marriage Jewelery Care Taboo:
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1, bogey violent shock: a lot of mosaic jewelry, although the base is designed to be very reliable, but the intense shock is not appropriate. And some work is knock beat, we must take off. Only cherish your jewelry, it will never protect the glory.

2, avoid wearing laundry, bath: pear afraid of acidic substances, can not touch the detergent.

3, bogey pieces of jewelry together: for example: hard diamonds will easily scratch other stones; so, after their own secret, sub-grid storage.
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4, avoid chemical gases and pollution of the environment: For example: all jewelry are bogey sulfur, emerald avoid pesticides, other sprays.

5, bogey and cosmetics together: the ring even if the stained with cosmetics, the glory will be weakened; especially diamonds, very easy to paste the grease of cosmetics, but also to strictly separate.

6, bogey drugs: some drugs can produce chemical reactions to jewelry, so that jewelry discoloration, deterioration.
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7, bogey high temperature: some gems are not high temperature, or dehydration and crack, or discoloration. Such as cat’s eye afraid of high temperature. Jade above 55 ° will dissolve the wax layer on the surface and lose protection, reducing the gloss of the wax.

8, bogey wear movement, dry and coarse live: For example: sweat containing fatty acids, urea and other pearls have erosion, so there are “Lingnan Zhiling North wear” said. North cold, sweat less, should wear.

9, gold avoid mercury: gold can be mixed with mercury, the production of mercury vapor alloy – amalgam.
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10, avoid water wash pearls, Turkish stone, cat’s eye stone, coral, amber and so on with water absorption. If you use cleanser, water may cause cracking.

Above is the diamond ring care taboo, the bride must be a lot of understanding, good care of your love witness Oh!

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Every piece of jewelry is spiritual, only you carefully care of it, its good meaning will accompany you for life. Here and a long time to go to the wedding network Xiaobian together to learn jewelry maintenance techniques it blue pandora bracelet ~Wear a wedding wedding moment, you think you are the world’s most beautiful, happiest, most worthy of this ring woman. It gives you light, makes you shine, was envied by others. However, the time gone, it into your life, trivial little things so that you gradually forget it. Here and a long time to go to the wedding network Xiaobian together to learn jewelry maintenance techniques it ~

Wedding jewelry     pictures of pandora bracelets

1. Jewelry care bogey and cosmetics put together. If the ring stained with cosmetics, the glory will be weakened. Especially diamonds, very easy to stick grease on the cosmetics, but also to strictly separate.

2. Avoid wearing jewelry laundry, bathing. Pearl is afraid of acidic substances, can not touch the detergent.

3. Avoid chemical gases and pollute the environment. All jewelry are bogey sulfur, emerald and other insecticide spray.

4. avoid wearing exercise, dry and rough live. Sweat containing fatty acids and other pearls have erosive effect  pandora 14k bracelet.

5. Keep more pieces of jewelry together. Such as hard diamonds will easily scratch other gems. Therefore, after their own secret, sub-grid storage.

6. Gold avoid mercury. Gold can be mixed with mercury to produce amalgam.

7. Avoid drugs. Some drugs can produce chemical reactions to jewelry, so that jewelry discoloration, deterioration.

8. Avoid washing.

9. bogey high temperature. Many gems are not high temperature, will dehydrate crack or discoloration.

10. avoid severe vibration. Bride usually pay attention to cherish your jewelry.
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The above is the jewels maintenance tips, you need to treat each detail carefully, as long as the usual attention to cherish your jewelry, it will be bright and clean as usual ~

Jewelry cleaning errors

1 toothpaste is the weapon to clean jewelry?
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A lot of treasure fans asked Xiao Bian: toothpaste can clean jewelry? This is the most common cleaning agent, and there are many articles on the Internet recognized the cleaning effect of toothpaste.

Xiao Bian Comments: Do not use toothpaste to clean jewelry!
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Toothpaste contains fine grinding of particulate matter, use it to brush your teeth very clean, but the brush will hurt the precious stones gem. Because the hardness of these particles as high as 6,7, comparable to crystal, lower than the crystal hardness of precious stones (such as pearls, gold) can not hold the toothpaste well!

2 toothpaste not, tap water can always wash the jewelry, right?

Toothpaste which contains high hardness of the particles, but there is no such things in the water it ~ clean it with it unreasonable?

Xiao Bian Comments: other can, pearl not!
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Although the naked eye can not see, but the surface of the pearl contains many small pores, if it soak in the water, will lead to moisture in the pearl inside, so that pearl mold.

And pearls contain chlorine, tap water will damage the pearl surface of the luster, it becomes more “people old bead yellow”. So still with a professional cleaning agent with a soft cloth to wipe more reassuring.

3 and jade wood, gem should also often play!

Xiaobian wrote a special article before, teach you how to play jade, wood jewelry. That gem, gold and silver jewelry is not it should often play, so that they become more warm it?
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Xiao Bian Comments: Do not!

And then look good jewels, but also hold their restless claws, ancient poetry: the lotus though the United States, but only the distance can not be gnawing Yan, gem and Lotus!

Skin surface sweat, grease may make jade, wood becomes moist, but it is definitely a gem glossy killer. Often use your claws to touch the gems, it will become bleak, especially diamonds, this lipophilic gem, easier to stick to grease.

4 amber, beeswax should be soaked in the water conservation?

Amber beeswax should now be the most popular organic gemstones, it is warm texture, soft luster, but also beauty beauty … … Unfortunately, there is a drawback, if not wear for a long time, they are like to be into the limbo Princess as lust, the surface will become rough. So, should the regular amber honey wax in the water for conservation?
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Xiao Bian Comments: Although it sounds unreliable, but this is right!

Amber beeswax hardness is relatively low, and then the soft brush will cause harm to it. So when the amber bee wax lost luster, you can put it in warm water, soak a 2-5 minutes of the bath and then remove, immediately radiant ~

Maintenance of jewelry, do not use their own toothpaste, water and so on, although convenient, but in case with their own jewelry properties do not … … that regret too late pandora white gold charm bracelet!

Gold jewelry big flower earrings

Gold jewelry

First, the general method (for most of the jewelry) pandora gold bracelet with charms

1. A small amount of soap in the water (a few drops on the line), home homemade soap and water can also be.

2. put the gold jewelry into the bubble for 5-15 minutes.

3. Then gently brush the surface of the jewelry with a soft brush.

4. Wipe clean with a soft cloth, do not leave any water stains! Then, your

jewelry is a new look

Second, deep cleaning (for the surface has been black jewelry)

1. Add a small amount of ammonia-containing detergent (not detergent, soapy water) in the water and shake it.

2. Then the jewelry into the mixture, and then as soon as possible to fish out (not more than 1 minute) gold pandora bracelet with charms.

3. Rinse the mixture on the surface of the jewelry with water.

4 with a soft brush gently brush the surface of jewelry, and then washed with water, soft cloth dry on the line, the details of the place can be wiped with a cotton swab.

Third, the soft cleaning method

If your jewelry inlaid with precious stones, gems or with glue up, then you can not contact with the water, then you can use the following more gentle cleaning method pandora charm necklace.

1. Wipe the soap with a soft cloth and wipe the jewelry.

2. Wipe the jewels with a soft cloth dampened with water to clean the surface of the soapy water.

3. the best natural dry on the line friends  minnie mouse pandora ~

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“Chinese Ancient Gold Crafts and Inheritance” was jointly organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Museum and Chow Tai Fook Master Studio gold pandora charms sale . We exhibited more than 40 pieces of ancient Chinese gold and silver that were collected by cultural relics and private collectors. , Chow Tai Fook Master Studio of the recovery of experimental samples and traditional goldsmith tools.

Hong Kong Chinese University Museum recently held an opening ceremony, the officiating guests include Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Group Co., Ltd. Managing Director Huang Shaoji, Northwestern Polytechnic University Materials Science and Archeology Research Center Technology Director and Deputy Director Professor Yang Junchang pandora rings and bracelets, Vice President Huotai Huotai, China Professor Liang Yuansheng, Director of the Institute of Cultural Studies, Prof. Yao Jinzhuang, Director of the Cultural Relics Museum, Prof. Xu Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the Cultural Relics Museum, and Dr. Tong Yu, Postdoctoral Fellow of the Museum.

The “Ancient Chinese Gold Craft Research” project is an interdisciplinary collaborative research project initiated by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Heritage Museum pandora bracelet gold, Shaanxi Provincial Heritage Conservation Institute and Chow Tai Fook Master Studios in 2014 and assisted by the LCSD Heritage Restoration Office. Research project in trying to clarify the history of ancient Chinese gold technology development process, but also committed to explore and restore the ancient gold production process. Through the representative of the ancient artifacts, scientific test results and restore the experimental samples, the exhibition will be the forefront of gold technology academic research results, including the focus of Zhu (the production of gold beads and its welding), gold and wrong gold The During the exhibition, the museum will hold public guides and public lectures, will also be broadcast in the exhibition hall to resume experimental video, the exhibition period to September 27 this year pandora silver and gold bracelet.