Gold jewelry big flower earrings

Gold jewelry

First, the general method (for most of the jewelry) pandora gold bracelet with charms

1. A small amount of soap in the water (a few drops on the line), home homemade soap and water can also be.

2. put the gold jewelry into the bubble for 5-15 minutes.

3. Then gently brush the surface of the jewelry with a soft brush.

4. Wipe clean with a soft cloth, do not leave any water stains! Then, your

jewelry is a new look

Second, deep cleaning (for the surface has been black jewelry)

1. Add a small amount of ammonia-containing detergent (not detergent, soapy water) in the water and shake it.

2. Then the jewelry into the mixture, and then as soon as possible to fish out (not more than 1 minute) gold pandora bracelet with charms.

3. Rinse the mixture on the surface of the jewelry with water.

4 with a soft brush gently brush the surface of jewelry, and then washed with water, soft cloth dry on the line, the details of the place can be wiped with a cotton swab.

Third, the soft cleaning method

If your jewelry inlaid with precious stones, gems or with glue up, then you can not contact with the water, then you can use the following more gentle cleaning method pandora charm necklace.

1. Wipe the soap with a soft cloth and wipe the jewelry.

2. Wipe the jewels with a soft cloth dampened with water to clean the surface of the soapy water.

3. the best natural dry on the line friends  minnie mouse pandora ~

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“Chinese Ancient Gold Crafts and Inheritance” was jointly organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Museum and Chow Tai Fook Master Studio gold pandora charms sale . We exhibited more than 40 pieces of ancient Chinese gold and silver that were collected by cultural relics and private collectors. , Chow Tai Fook Master Studio of the recovery of experimental samples and traditional goldsmith tools.

Hong Kong Chinese University Museum recently held an opening ceremony, the officiating guests include Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Group Co., Ltd. Managing Director Huang Shaoji, Northwestern Polytechnic University Materials Science and Archeology Research Center Technology Director and Deputy Director Professor Yang Junchang pandora rings and bracelets, Vice President Huotai Huotai, China Professor Liang Yuansheng, Director of the Institute of Cultural Studies, Prof. Yao Jinzhuang, Director of the Cultural Relics Museum, Prof. Xu Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the Cultural Relics Museum, and Dr. Tong Yu, Postdoctoral Fellow of the Museum.

The “Ancient Chinese Gold Craft Research” project is an interdisciplinary collaborative research project initiated by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Heritage Museum pandora bracelet gold, Shaanxi Provincial Heritage Conservation Institute and Chow Tai Fook Master Studios in 2014 and assisted by the LCSD Heritage Restoration Office. Research project in trying to clarify the history of ancient Chinese gold technology development process, but also committed to explore and restore the ancient gold production process. Through the representative of the ancient artifacts, scientific test results and restore the experimental samples, the exhibition will be the forefront of gold technology academic research results, including the focus of Zhu (the production of gold beads and its welding), gold and wrong gold The During the exhibition, the museum will hold public guides and public lectures, will also be broadcast in the exhibition hall to resume experimental video, the exhibition period to September 27 this year pandora silver and gold bracelet.